MY essays and articles in English

An example of my essays:
Mother, Blitz!
How to Remember your Dad
How to Be 50
An example of my Haaretz articles (translated from the Hebrew originals):
I had an opportunity to speak with David Remnick
I once sat with Boris Johnson for a short chat
I spoke with Catharine MacKinnon
And also with Judith Butler
I spent some interesting time with Barbara Ehrenreich
And I got to follow Jane Fonda and Eve Ensler around Israel and Palestine for a couple of days
This is a short one about Homophobia
This is a Haaretz review by Dror Burstein of Picnic, my book of short stories
And this is a review by Tamar Merin of Zero to 12, my non-fiction book about my first year as a co-parent
There are many more, here in Haaretz‘s archive, where all this came from